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salman ricky charles is counted as blessings. >> first of all i'm lucky. >> reporter: holding back tears he describes the horrific accident that left his face severely burned. >> it's like being burnt alive. and the audience is watching. it happened so fast. >> reporter: thursday he was performing at a pep rally in front of the atlantic high school student body in delray beach. the performer has been making his living doing this work for 35 years. and nothing like this has ever happened before. this time he made a small change to his act. >> two months ago i wanted to make my craft better. i'm googling fire breeders and what material the use and what will they use. they use common fluid. so i decided to try it. i take full responsibility. i should have practiced and didn't.
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nearly cost him his life. unlike the charcoal lighter fluid he usually uses this trillium-based fuel was much stronger and more intense accelerant. he says the sprays themselves on his face and body. ricky was rushed to delray medical center. >> he has second-degree burns of varying depths and as you can see on his face his ear and the rest of the said that goes around the back of his head. >> reporter: doctor sebi also has burns on one of his forearms and a thigh and calf. she says he's lucky he didn't have inhalation problems. charles is happy to be alive. 20 other people were injured as well. he says he is sorry for that and sorry that the kids had to witness something so horrific. the school had this to say. >> i knew the students were brought to the hospital as a precaution. i understand they are doing fine as is the individual who
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>> reporter: the doctor says he continues to improve he could be released from the hospital today or tomorrow. ricky says he's going to take a break from firebreathing but he does need to make a living and would likely make adjustments to his act. tonight a man accused of killing his estranged wife goes before a judge. joe padgett is being held without bond. they began shooting at his wife and her mother during an argument in southwest miami-dade . he was gone once police got to the scene. these facing several charges including first-degree murder. a miami beach man the purchase photos online of his ex-girlfriend as revenge is heading to jail. antonio garcia is accepting a plea deal that requires them to spend 30 days in jail. >> it looks for to putting this behind him and which is the same for the victim. >> results where please of all parties including the victim
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>> reporter: on her behalf we are pleased and me personally i'm happy to see something that is looking forward and where someone who took part in the serious crime taking responsibility for what he did. >> you must also be $2500 to organizations that benefit women victims of crimes. police arrested the driver who slammed into a building and then tried to walk away. 27-year-old is charged with leaving the scene of a crash with serious injuries. she tried to leave the accident but was stopped by responding officers. she crashed into an apartment building in nw. 71st st. and seventh avenue this morning. one resident suffered minor injuries from flying debris. the carpet a support column and the structure is now deemed unsafe. two people have been displaced. contenders are gearing up
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next week. neither party has rally behind a single candidate but that could soon change especially on the republican side. establishment figures are turning to an unlikely source as they tried to stop donald trump. >> reporter: ted cruz is often viewed as an outsider of the republican establishment. he's even been marked by gop leaders like south carolina senator lindsey graham. >> if you don't ted cruz before the senate and the trial was in convict you. >> reporter: fast-forward through makes thursday gwen graham endorsed the texas senator saying anyone is better than frontrunner donald trump. >> i think his campaign of xenophobia and race baiting and religious --'s bigotry will be a disaster for our party truck trumpeted it was a jinx and touted his recent primary wins. it's no secret of the republicans are also trying to topple trump.
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paul ryan and the party's's donors to discuss alternatives. >> on the democratic side sbo has yet to publicly endorse a candidate. but privately he appears to favor hillary clinton. the new york times reports the presidential democratic donors and a private fundraiser in texas bernie sanders campaign was coming to an end. and that the party must unite around clinton. but sanders has not given up yet even after his sweeping loss of all five states that voted this week. on friday heal the rally in idaho. >> we have received more votes from people of the third -- under 30 than hillary clinton and donald trump combined >> reporter: contains taking a break from the campaign trail to attend private fundraisers in connecticut and virginia. five cases of the zika virus have been reported in florida bringing the total to 67 in the state.
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fourth in brevard and the fifth here in broward county. in total broward has nine cases. miami dade has 30 cases. to help curb the spread the senate approved a measure to speed up the development of vaccines. the legislation heads to the house for consideration. the broward sheriff's office kicked off the eighth annual statewide. it recognizes the men and women who have died in the line of duty this year. god will honor the lives of 2 fort officers and 2 canines who made the ultimate sacrifice in 2015. topper 4 was over the scene today and you can see dozens of motorcyclists went up to begin in fort lauderdale. >> it's a fantastic thing to give thanks to everyone out there working in the sheriff's office. [ applause ] >> the statewide started in 28 -- 2008 my memory of an officer who was killed in pompano beach. klavern the miami doctor who's the father to 88 children
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since 1986 doctor michael gerald have adopted or become legal guardians to all children. the is life of the founders of the possible dream foundation to help special needs children. he died from cancer one day after his 73rd birthday. coming up a college basketball player is making history. but to begin the first openly gay player to ever play in the ncaa tournament. we have a consumer alert for you. why pay for items with your smartphone might be better than swiping your atm card. big outdoor weekend. the fair and the ultra music
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we have the forecast coming up. part two of our exclusive one-on-one interview with ex- cuban prisoner alan gross. what his wife tells investigator michelle gillen about her fight to get her husband back on us soil. and what he wants to go back to cuba. it's bigger for medical students across south florida. we are there as they take part
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seton hall might be heading home to new jersey after disappointing loss but one player has made history. >> gary gordon became the first openly gay player to play in the tournament last night. don champion reports. >> reporter: for derek gordon is always been what happens on the court that matters. >> it shouldn't be a story. >> reporter: it's no wonder he's shrugging off the history he made thursday night in denver. the seton hall senior became the first openly gay player to play in the ncaa tournament. before the game he was not seeking notoriety. >> i'm not out to prove anything. i know what i have to do. i know my skill level. i'm going out and doing what i
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teammates. >> reporter: the 24-year-old can out a 2014 after former nba player jason collins and nfl draft pick michael sam. eight made things easier for him. he transferred to seton hall in his home state of new jersey this season and teammates say he quickly made an impact. >> he brings emotion and everything. he just takes us up when we are down to >> reporter: his coach degrees. >> our guys accepted him right away. it was such a nonfactor for me it was a nonfactor for our guys. >> reporter: seton hall filter can saga in their game last night ending the season. afterwards ordinance we did his appreciation for people who believed in him saying he was very thankful. coming up a consumer alert. >> we cannot do anything without our smartphones these days. and now some of the nation's biggest banks will allow your
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jazz in the gardens is
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yet. we have a consumer alert. smartphones are becoming more and more integrated into our lives. >> several banks will allow the smart phone to replace our atm card. kenneth craig explains. >> reporter: this might look
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this one customers can use their phone and leave their debit card at home. >> no fumbling to your wallet out of your purse or trying to find her debit card. >> reporter: bank of america's michelle moore says the atms are cooked the reader that senses an atm card stored in your smartphone >> we're going to hold the phone over the reader. in entering the pin number like you would with your debit card. and i'm going to withdraw cash. for my checking account and we are done. >> reporter: here comes the money. >> reporter: other banks including chase and wells fargo plan to introduce heartless atms this year. >> italy natural greg mcbride of bank rate accomplish the plastic card will eventually go by the wayside. >> you increasingly see phones rang a bigger role in terms of routine transactions. experts say the phone is safer than a plastic card because people
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and also the victim's pin number. the phone can also solve the problem of skimming where criminals reagan atm slot with a tiny reader that can still card information. >> reporter: with alternate elegy it takes time to get used to it but once raised with you realize how easy it is. took a handful of atms have the technology right now. but bank of america plans to have it in 3000 machines by the end of the year. today furniture partner miami police department sponsor free food division event. they didn't provide free food to more than 500 family members of the city of miami pd volunteer their time and distributed to all who attended at williams park in miami. today is 11th annual jazz in the gardens music festival and 70,000 people are expected to attend the event filled with music food and entertainment. the lineup includes performances by dozens of artists including usher and babyface. before the concerts got
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2015 women's impact conference in athens right to celebrate women's history month. >> it's hosted by the city of miami gardens. it takes place at sun life stadium. between ultra jazz in the gardens i'm sure people are crossing the thinkers for good weather. >> i feel an unusual amount of pressure. and there's a chance for rain this weekend. it's going to be a nice night tonight and next week is looking great. it's getting from here to there might be problematic. it's almost summer march afternoon. 89 was like today. 1 degree shy of the record. fort lauderdale and hollywood had a high of 85. key west 82.
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before things cool off. temperatures now very warm in the mid-80s. opa-locka is the hotspot and 88. visible satellite through the day showing high clouds and if you lower clouds but all in all a mostly sunny and warm day. pays out today but upstream there are a lot of clouds and showers and storms across the gulf. eventually that will reach us. some models suggest the storm could come up from cuba late tonight or tomorrow morning but the bigger storm chance will be get to become across the gulf and that should not arrive until the afternoon but could last into the evening. here's the computer model. higher rain chances and they come in the areas of mr. for saturday and hang around for sunday. the good news is it looks like all this dry air does come in next week.
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beautiful weather for the weekend but unsettled. tonight warm with a gentle breeze. low temperature 71. tomorrow warm sun to start and storms move in. temperature near 87. pollen count showing us mold is low and juniper and be very are moderate. two more days of warm temperatures of mid-to upper 80s. storms develop tomorrow and then next week looking dry and much cooler with highs only in the low to mid 70s. a baby bald eagle hatched this morning at the us national arboretum in washington. a pair of american bald eagles happened to be eggs warm since february. the american eagle foundation says the first eagle fully emerged from it shall around 8 am. the live webcam have been watching the nest. the second day goes like attach sometime in the next couple of days.
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president and the first lady are the first couple an estimate area since 1947. one college student of her disappointing grandfather has broken internet office heart. kelsey garment from oklahoma to this picture with the same didn't with pop-ups night. he made 12 burgers for the six grandkids and i'm the only one who showed up. it's been retreated over 125,000 times. some people showed support for kelsey others attacked her cousins on twitter for not showing up in the profit or cousins to assure the event the grandfather is well loved and share this picture saying guys don't worry. i came to his house and them having a burger today. she is glad he's encouraging others to visit their grandparents. i wish my grandparents work around so i could visit them
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here so my grandfather dede i know he watches, thank you for supporting me. coming up and on the taste of the town. >> if you didn't get enough beef and cabbage for st. patrick's day we have a hidden gem. there's a new ford -- four-
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the k-9 officer mays. avo: when sends craig wilson a ready for you alert the second his room is ready, ya know what he becomes? client: great proposal! let's talk more over golf. craig: great. client: how about over tennis craig: even better. avo: a game changer! avo: the ready for you alert,
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another edition of taste of the town. tonight we go to a restaurant filled with authentic irish food and drink. >> lisa petrillo shows us what is on the menu at the field irish pub and eatery. >> reporter: welcome to the field irish pub and eatery. for 15 years this charming authentic irish pub has been serving up classic everest food and drink to pay for locals and visitors from afar. dining is inside and out there
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. at the time were looking for to create a bit of ireland in south florida. there wasn't a lot of round but there were a lot of irish people. the idea of opening an irish pub and bring everyone together appealed to us at the time. took the offer nightly live music you can come to dance eat or drink and enjoy the culture >> hope they visited ireland in the center of her the beach. >> a pint of guinness in the drink of the day. it's all about the poor and the stories behind the drink. >> reporter: what they're telling is that in ireland nursing mothers drink guinness because it produces iron in the mothers milk. let's get to the graphic chef andrew is at the helm in the kitchen. we have first muscles. they are melt in your mouth delicious. the sauce is elegant and there is so much flavor.
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these are like little pots of heaven. chicken breast panseared and irish whiskey cream sauce with mushrooms. >> the mushrooms on top make it smooth with the sauce. and it feels like a fancy dish. but it's not. >> finally the classic corned whole-grain tyshawn. >> it saint paddy's day and this is the dish you want. the meat is tender and thinly cabbage is perfectly cooked. it's a bit of ireland right in your face. >> reporter: the field irish pub and eatery where the luck of the irish celebrated year- round. the field pub and eatery is located at 3281. if you have a
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feature in our taste of the town segment you know her at taste of the town taste of the town segment you know or tweeter at lisa petrillo or send it to cbs miami. coming up south florida music takeover. thousands flock to downtown miami for the ultra music festival. we're live with more on the big gent and how to navigate around town. an nfl player from south florida in the fight of his life after a bad accident. there from his agent and former high school coach. and michelle gillen talks with ex-cuban prisoner alan gross of his wife. her fight to bring her husband home. plus tough questions about what the project was really all about.
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now. an nfl player is fighting for his life >> cornerback tray walker was critically injured in a bad dirtbike accident in northwest miami. gary nelson live in jackson memorial hospital with more. >> reporter: it's not looking good at all for this young man. the nfl football player who had a bright future ahead of him. in the last two minutes at ryder trauma center a great wailing and weeping has gone up among family members and friends who have gathered and have been here on a digital since last night. since he was so horribly injured himself in an accident on his dirtbike. tray walker drafted by the baltimore ravens last year is accustomed taking hits. >> but not like this. his honda dirtbike slammed into this suv in liberty city
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he suffered massive injuries. his agent said walker was fighting for his life after multiple surgeries. >> i'm hopeful. i live in god's hands. and whatever is to be will be >> reporter: the woman driving this ford suv might not have seen walker's dirtbike coming as she crossed northwest 70 the street. the bike was running without lights. >> dirtbike traveling westbound on one of these dark streets and dressed in black and no lights, that could be a contributing factor. >> reporter: samuel spence coach tray walker@miami northwestern high school. >> we had good character. he was a smart kid. and he was a very good athlete. that's when he made it to the nfl. >> reporter: of social media filled up with well wishes for walker from teammates and fans. his family gathered at ryder trauma center out the night and day keeping a strict vigil
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and keep tray in their prayers to make sure he comes out of surgery. >> reporter: prayers for this budding pro-cornerback planning to make it in the nfl now that he will just make it all is the greatest hope >> reporter: the outlook is not good. we are told the top management in the baltimore ravens flew to south florida today to support his family and his head coach wrote an open letter to his teammates today saying the news of tray's grave condition was devastating and urging them to make smart choices in life. a developing story after an intense for month-long manhunt authorities in belgium say they have arrested the main suspect wanted in the terrorist attacks last year.


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